BIO - Jerome Courenq


Since the beginning of his childhood, Jérôme was fond of visual arts. As a teenager, his first passions were drawing and cinema. At the same time, his brother started learning the guitar. Jérôme soon joined his brother, playing the bass. Despite his autonomous learning, his skills kept growing steadily until his 17’s when he had the opportunity to join a professional metal band. That’s when I met him. We started our journey together. The music stayed his top priority along with his studies. During four years his involvement in his band required his work for the studio sessions, the album preparation and, of course, for the gigs. After thousands albums sold and dozens of lives, the group split up. Later, a musician friend of Jérôme introduced him to photography and triggered an obsession. I have always seen him invested in his projects but his involvement in this one was beyond every other one. It instantly became a passionate hobby. He spent hours skimming every single forum, every site following his preferred photographers’ and cinematographers’ activities. There, he analysed each detail, compared each image, and looked into the details and techniques that create emotions and touch him. His bass was covering in dust while he spent his days with his camera trying to discover every subtle approach of this art. His first snapshots were studio portraits and a few staged photographs. His work quickly focused on his favourite part : Humans.

By Cindy Ruiz